Here we GO!

Yes, I’m sure you’ve felt it, you know the warm sun in the afternoons?

I’ve even noticed melting around the bottoms of trees and around my yard. Although last year we didn’t have any snow for me it sure has been nice having it this year. More snow coverage means more moisture for our summer. Hopefully will cut down on the forest fires. 

March for me always brings on excitement as this means flower season is begging for me and its when our first newsletter magazine of the year comes out. 

I keep thinking I’ll get better at blog posting. I guess its time for a blog schedule cause if doesn’t make on my calendar it doesn’t happen.  Oh well our newsletter in the form of a magazine will have to do this month. 

ADU March 2017 NM Cover

ADU Newsletter March 2017

Much love and spring flowers,


Will be bring back flower farm Friday update videos on facebook which I’m going to make live so our flower fans can get the goings on “real time” Will keep you all posted. 


Another Year gone by, How do you measure success?

Happy New Year 201

For me measuring success is all about how I go about creating a business and life I love. This means I plan and create goals around all that matters to me. Plans and goals around relationships, finances, spirituality, self care and how I run my business.

I ask questions about what worked and what didn’t not to beat myself up but to see if A) I set the right goal to begin with and B) to figure out how I might improve. My business mentor Marie Forleo says, “Everything is figuroutable.” I live by this.

How did I do for 2016? Not to bad, progress was made, a few things that didn’t work, some that stayed the same but over all I can be proud as my top priorities showed me I want to keep those in the forefront for this year as well especially around no business Saturdays. –Meaning if the family can break away together on Saturdays we go for it.

Instead of boring you with all of the details of every area I’ve picked the top 4 questions I asked myself in reflection of 2016.

  1. What was my biggest lesson for 2016:

Everything doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful

  1. What was my biggest accomplishment for 2016

My flower farm made a profit this year.

  1. What is my favorite memory that brings a smile to my face in 2016?

Receiving the letter from Karen Smith of RV Concierge that our  farm tour offer greatly helped her package “Go Glamping with RV Concierge” sell for $7500.00 in the 2016 Mayors Charity Ball. It was the highest grossing item of the night!

  1. What is one thing I want to let go of from 2016?

My habit of thinking I have to do it all by myself.

My year in review….I got to write my beloved son’s name on the beach in Maui. Had two “sold out farm tours. My baby sister surprised me with a visit from Michigan. Went camping in Hope and Seward. Spent time with family and friends. Spent time with hubby and daughter and grew AMAZING Dahlias, Sunflowers and Sweet Peas! And successful published 10 months of our flower farm Newsletter Magazine. Here are some highlights you might enjoy 😉 


So how do you measure success? Let me know in the comments below.



P.S. This week was the very first time I sat down and mapped out my entire year. I’ve only planned a few months at a time. What is wonderful is I am more relaxed for whats to come because its in the planner so I wont forget important details. And whats even better is as new things pop up I can go add them in. Highly recommended! If you try it let me know how it works out for you. 

What if Dahlias Bloomed in December

Red and white dahlias remind me of Christmas and I’m sure you’ll agree when you take a peek at this months newsletter magazine. 

Although the December newsletter magazine is our last of 2016 its one of my favorites. I let my imagination run a bit free and totally ended up with a conclusion I’m totally okay with. 



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A Holiday Sparkle to you!