Luke’s Story

Luke Patrick Delia
December 22, 1991 – Janurary 21, 2013


My Wake UP Call….

July of 1994 my son, Luke, was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) at the age of 4. I was then told he’d be lucky to graduate high school. Very devastating for any parent. Looking back however the diagnosis was also a huge “WAKE UP CALL for me… I knew it meant I was to use this unthinkable to go on and help others.  I also knew I’d write a book.

In Your Face Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy All Pain All GLORY was published in 2009.


A story of bravery and determination. His life struggle although incredibly hard, had a beautiful side to it.  We knew one day Duchenne would take him from us so we harnessed everyday and tried to give Luke the very best quality of life that we could. And we did.  What’s that saying? If it wasn’t for the darkness we would never see the light. We lived this everyday. Still do..

It’s not the quanity of life, its the quality…

Luke accomplished much for someone who wasn’t suppose to graduation high school, which he did in 2010. He had his own van for his care providers to drive him around. He also got to have place to call his own. His motto: Nothing is Impossible…

His last heart-beats gift

Luke, lived 21 years battling Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. And in those years, 98% of the time with a smile on his face despite all his hardships. His life here is a true gift from God that I’d do all over again. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t miss him or remember a blessing he bestowed on me or someone around him. Without saying a word he would make us all strive to be better people. Whether reading about his first 18 years of life or just meeting him once. Luke is a true inspiration and life example to all who cross his path, even after death. But the gift of his last heart beats is what gives me the most peace. That gift being, sharing his transcendence to heaven. I now know I’ll see my beloved son again.


On the front of his head stone -We think of you each day as we bow our heads to pray. A true gift from above so filled with love. From your soft touch to all the things we miss so much. The smile and the look in your eye. We never say goodbye. Simply thank you from “This Place”


Luke’s First Angelversary: Jan. 21, 2014 


Luke’s Second Year Angelversary: Jan. 21 2015 I made these Rose Ice Candles. Then we had a melt and a freeze…It was pretty before, then it turned into a beautiful work of art I can never recreate, just like my Luke!

10689597_10204487552822758_4334997083171268285_n 10931144_10204665447510014_5137110815198312275_n

More of Luke’s Light

There are two ways to read Luke’s poem “This Place” which is engraved on the back of his headstone, view Luke’s Life Poetry below by clicking the thumbnails.




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