Child loss is one of the most tragic experiences for any mother. Although you’ll grieve for the rest of your life; Grief doesn’t have to rule your life. You can ease your grief and begin to heal your mother’s grieving heart. Ultimately you can choose to Thrive Through Tears with easy to implement self-help methods to.

• Alleviate the tight feeling around your heart
• Loosen up the forever lump in your throat
• Feel the grief and letting it “pass” through you
• Break out of the pain and day to day suffering
• Keep the connection alive in a moving forward way
• Stop feeling like you have to hurry through your grief
• Know what to do for anxiety, panic and waves of grief
• To live life effectively in all areas of your life

((It’s not about not feeling the grief. It’s about not letting it take you out of the game of life and using it as a tool for growth))

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Disclaimer: Misty VanderWeele is not a doctor if you are suffering from complicated or heavy grief lasting for longer than 3-5 years please seek professional help.