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Hi Thriver, LIFE is meant to be lived with hope and purpose. But what happens when you face pain, struggle and loss? When life seems to be against you? Is it as simple us pulling up your boot straps?
When my son died although completely devastated, I vowed I’d somehow find a way to keep on living while going through the grieving process, after all I’d made it this far, so I coined the phrase, Thrive Through Tears anyway.

(Apart from losing my son I’m no stranger to pain, struggle and loss. I survived my parents divorce, a miscarriage, my own divorce. Had two failed businesses. Lost my father, all my grandparents, three aunts, a cousin and several friends. I’ve also experienced what is called anticipatory grief. (living knowing your loved one will die) My son was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy at four years old. He walked until he was eleven and by 16 had very minimal use of his arms and upper-body. I had to watch MD ravage his body and eventually make him to weak to keep on living.)

In my own life and now in my mothers-grief I realize pain, struggle and loss is something each of us on this planet will experience sometime in our lives. Some of us more than others. 

However, when life throws us curve balls I believe its up to us in how we handle it and whether or not we let it take us out of the game altogether. I’m not saying we should live in denial and pretend everything is peachy all the time. But we can choose to grieve differently, to switch our thinking around, to look out into the world and live the best life we can.

I know pain, struggle and loss can be so huge and suffocating we don’t know which way to go. Many of us think we are going crazy. But I’m a firm believer we can not only survive, but Thrive. 


  • Actively seeking answers for improvement
  • Having a firm belief that things will get better
  • Knowing you aren’t alone in your pain
  • Heal yourself by helping others
  • Putting one foot in front of the other

These are just a handful of free practical tips and life skills you’ll find here.

If I can keep going, anyone can♥

Thank you for spending some of your precious time with me.


Misty Vanderweele

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